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Hymn of the Month: The Love of God

Greetings Calvary,

Welcome to our very first, "Hymn of the Month". This is a series where we'll be looking at some of the great hymns of the faith that have ministered to Christians for generations. We have two goals with this series:

First: We want to engage in family singing. As a church family, we want to rally around a common song so that when we gather together we can encourage each other with our singing. In your immediate family, this is an excellent opportunity to come together with an activity that does not need a screen. It is also a way to fill your house with songs that point to God.

Second: We want to take a look at the deep roots of our faith. We may be surprised when we find that Christians hundreds of years ago sang through the same trials that we are going through right now.

Below is a video with this month's hymn and below that is a link to the lyrics (and a printable PDF with lyrics and music).

Happy singing!

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