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You can still join us!  SIGN UP NOW!   A Five-Week, Live, On-line course to understand the uniqueness of the Bible and its importance in our lives.  Thursday Nights from 8:15-8:45 p.m.   The Zoom Room will open at 8:00 and class will begin promptly at 8:15.  The Room will remain open until 9:00 p.m. for questions.  

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Week One: Why Study the Bible? 
| Handout | Notes | Video Replay | Homework for Week 2 |

Week Two:  How did we get our Bible?
| Handout | Notes | Video Replay | Homework for Week 3 |

Week Three:  Is the Bible really God's Word?
| Handout | Notes | Video Replay | Homework for Week 4 |

 Week Four:  What are the books of the OT?
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 Week Five:  What are the books of the NT?
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Bible 101  A free, live, 6-week course to discover the Big Story of the Bible.   Class runs from 8:15 to 8:45 pm with Q &A until 9pm  (Zoom link opens at 8 pm)  Zoom link for class:

By the end of the course you will be able to connect the stories of the Bible to clearly see HIS-story.   Taught by Dr. Matt McAlack, Professor in the School of Divinity, Cairn University.    Invite friends who are interested in learning about the Bible.

Week One, April 23:  6 Frame Overview of the entire story of the Bible.  

Week One HandoutWeek Two Homework| Week One Powerpoint

Week Two, April 30:  Creation to the Nations

Week Two Handout | Week Three Homework |Week Two Powerpoint 

Week Three, May 7:   Abraham to the Land.

Week Three Handout | Week Four Homework | Week Three Powerpoint | Week Three Video |

Week Four, May 14:  Judges to the Judgment

Week Four Powerpoint | Week Five Homework | Week Four Video |

Week Five, May 21:  Intertestamental Period & Christ, our Living Hope

Week Five Powerpoint | Week Five Handout | Week Six Homework | Week Five Video |

Week Six, May 28:  Acts to Revelation

Week Six Handout Notes | Week Six Powerpoint Notes | Week Six Class Video |