Childrens ministries

Until further notice, our children ministries are not meeting in person.  Check the calendar of events to see if a ministry may be meeting online. Below are resources for families to use as you worship at home.

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Sunday Videos

Families can use these video Bible Lessons during the sermon  on Sundays.   Click the button below to go to the lesson on YouTube.

NOTE:  The lessons include objects and manipulatives.  If you wish, you can provide the kids with these items so they can participate -OR- you can watch the videos again with your kids and enjoy all of the object lessons.

Kids' Lesson for Sunday, June 14   JUNE 14 LESSON

For object lessons:  Bible, paper, markers and tape


Kids' Lesson for Sunday, June 7   JUNE 7 LESSON

For object lessons:  a snack


Kids' Lesson for Sunday, May 31    MAY 31 LESSON

For object lessons:  Pen, markers, paper, scissors, tape, socks and a box


Kids' Lesson for Sunday, May 24    MAY 24 LESSON

For object lessons:  Pen, paper, crayons or makers, aluminum foil.


Kids' Lesson for Sunday, May 17    MAY 17 LESSON

For object lessons:  No special supplies needed.


Kids' Lesson for Sunday, May 10     MAY 10 LESSON

For object lessons:   Paper, pens, a Bible, a ruler or tape measure, a clear container about 1/3 full of water (it can be a water bottle or a food container – but it’s ideal if it can be tightly closed), and some cooking oil (vegetable, olive, whatever).


Kids' Lesson for Sunday, May 3     MAY 3 LESSON

For object lessons:   Paper, pens and a Bible


Kids' Lesson for Sunday, April 26      APRIL 26  LESSON

For object lessons:   Paper, markers/crayons, bowl of water, pepper, dish soap.

Kids' Lesson for Sunday, April 19      APRIL 19 LESSON

For object lessons you will need:  Bowl of water, towel, transparent tape, paper & writing utensil.


at Home bible lessons & Resources

Family Prayer Walk  |Parents' Page | Kids' Page |

13 Bible Lessons

Action Bible Coloring Pages

Easter Story Coloring Pages



Click Here to see our Childcare Training and Safety Procedures

Priority One:  The Safety of our Children
All of our Children's Workers are carefully Trained and Screened.  Our goal is to provide a safe environment for our greatest treasure, our children. 




BOYS:  Age 4 through 1st Grade   EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT  7:00-9:00 PM
Tree climbers
The Tree Climbers ministry is for boys age 4 through Grade 1 and their fathers or adult male guardian.  They meet at 7pm Friday night from September through May


BOYS:  Grades 2 through 12    EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT  7:00-9:00 PM
Boys in grades 2 through 6 are in our Stockade group, and Brigade is for boys in 7th - 12 grades.  They meet at 7pm Friday night from September through May


Girls: Grades K to 6th    FIRST FRIDAYS OF THE MONTH  7:00-9:00 PM

Join us for our first Friday events of each month from October to May.  These unique events are for mothers (grandmothers, aunts) and daughters to discover life together through crafts, games, song, snack and story.  Ages K to 6th grade.  Meet in Fellowship Hall from 7:00-8:30 pm.



Calvary-Bristol Kids'-Safe Screening/Training Process

 All Children's Workers are to follow these steps to be eligible to serve in the Children's/Youth Ministries associated with Calvary Baptist of Bristol.

1. Fill out the Application (which includes 2 references). Before you can serve in a children’s or youth ministry you must be a regular attender of our church for at least 6 months.

2. Obtain the PA State Police Criminal History Clearance (CLICK) Instant  The clearance will be available as soon as you complete this.  Save a copy and email it to   

3  Obtain the Child Abuse History Clearance (CLICK)  Then go to "Create Individual Login.After creating a login go back to the opening page and click "Individual Login."  Please check the box that gives permission for a digital copy to be emailed to you.  When you receive it (usually 2-3 weeks), please forward a copy to

4. For Children's Ministry Leaders:  If you lived out of the state of PA within the last 10 years, you will need to obtain an FBI Clearance.

5. All of those working with minors must attend a Child Safety Training or view the videos that are linked below. 

6. You must sign the Code of Ethics and Liability Waiver CLICK HERE

Training Video Part One   

Training Video Part Two

Training Video Part Three